Greetings and Salutations!

Youngstown, Senior pictures Emma Fellows Riverside gardens 07-06-2016Welcome to “She Became a Mountain Lion”!

I’m E, and this blog was created with the purpose of taking you through my college career at Kent State University- specifically posting course content for DSCI 10310. Throughout the Fall 2017 Semester, I utilized this blog to post about the Civil Air Patrol and how it ties in with the class, appropriately titled “My Story on the Web”. I selected the topic “Civil Air Patrol” because I have been a cadet member since 28 February, 2014 and absolutely love the organization.

But… Who am I?

I’m a teenage girl from the Netherlands with a passion to learn and teach others. My hobbies include anything to do with the creative arts- including music, writing, drawing, photography, and acting. I also enjoy reading, blogging, horseback riding, and any and all things to do with computers, from security to networking.

I aspire to become a professional working in Cyber Security or work as a System Administrator one day… and the Digital Sciences major at Kent State will help me get there!

If you’re interested in reading more about my life and adventures, my main blog is called She Became a Lion. There’s a little tab up top there, in the menu bar, that will take you there.

Have a great day!